What about older ximian desktop anymore?

I am surprised that upon going to the search bar and typing 'ximian desktop' or just simply 'ximian' that no positive results come up about it. Looks like it lists ximian as a source in one of the posts somewhere here titled something about "PC-BSD" and tha'ts all it shows is a just mentions a source of acknowledgement.

I cannot believe that as big a system as FreeBSD is that there is not more going on with more people porting ximian to this and other flavors of Gnu*nix. I did happen to find some srpms on Sunet.org sit though after months of struggle looking for ximian desktop. I wanted it and after first seeing a jpg desktop artwork of ximian in a small unix tutorial; so I set out to find out all about it -- and let me say it has been a nightmare search for such an old desktop environ. Thank I have to continue delving into the abyss.


PS. As far as I have learned Ximian Desktop is dead all except a few pieces here and there.