Solved wget fails to update

I have 2 servers and for some reason, ftp/wget is failing to upgrade on my second server. It installed just fine on my first server through.

Any ideas? (converters/libiconv is installed and up-to-date)

  CC  version.o
  CCLD  wget
url.o: In function `url_file_name':
url.c:(.text+0x1de4): undefined reference to `libiconv_open'
url.c:(.text+0x1e95): undefined reference to `libiconv'
url.c:(.text+0x1ead): undefined reference to `libiconv'
url.c:(.text+0x1fa8): undefined reference to `libiconv_close'
url.c:(.text+0x2059): undefined reference to `libiconv_close'
cc: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
gmake[5]: *** [Makefile:1501: wget] Error 1
gmake[5]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/ftp/wget/work/wget-1.18/src'
gmake[4]: *** [Makefile:1400: all] Error 2
gmake[4]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/ftp/wget/work/wget-1.18/src'
gmake[3]: *** [Makefile:1408: all-recursive] Error 1
gmake[3]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/ftp/wget/work/wget-1.18'
gmake[2]: *** [Makefile:1364: all] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/ftp/wget/work/wget-1.18'
===> Compilation failed unexpectedly.
Try to set MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes and rebuild before reporting the failure to
the maintainer.
*** Error code 1

make[1]: stopped in /usr/ports/ftp/wget
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/ports/ftp/wget

===>>> make build failed for ftp/wget
===>>> Aborting update

===>>> You can restart from the point of failure with this command line:
  portmaster <flags> ftp/wget

root@localhost:/ #