Weave (Firefox) not connecting

Hello all,
Anybody having trouble getting weave to work in Firefox (native)? It complains about not being able to load the crypto component at start-up?
Just tried it, same here:
2010-01-16 06:24:21     Service.Main         ERROR      Could not load the
Weave crypto component. Disabling Weave, since it will not work correctly.
Thanks. I was wondering if it was only me. First I installed the extension, which didn't work. Then I discover it was available in ports. That pulled in xulrunner, which I didn't have, but it still didn't work.
Think I'll have a look around their support section.
I'm now having troubles with weave. I have installed it. Logged in. Now i press 'Sync now' but get the error message:

"Weave encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error. Weave will automatically retry this action."
You must install weave from ports (www/weave) to get work, I think it has some library path issue on official release in FreeBSD.