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… comment three lines in "~/waterfox/.mozconfig". Since the Firefox update to version 57 I switched to Waterfox. The problems I have:

- "~/waterfox" occupies 12 GB of disk space;
- there is no audio.

I tried to enable Alsa and Jack (like in Firefox) but the build gets stuck…
www/waterfox just found its way to the tree.


Marked as "Temporary experiment" (Demo)


Some INFORMATION one may find useful.
For me, audio does work with www/waterfox.

Spas Marinov please, does audio work for you, now?

… fresh and untested, and there are rumors of conflicts, …
From Waterfox 56 Release (2017-11-30):

> … uses its own profile location…

Snurg please, does that resolve the conflicts of which you're aware?

An edge case:
I encountered two other problems with Waterfox 56.0, neither was a showstopper:
– I worked around the import issue by copying data whilst neither browser was running.

Waterfox works very good and fast.

From my perspective, as heavyweight user of Firefox 56.0.2 (more than 1,500 tabs), the switch to Waterfox was almost seamless.

From https://www.reddit.com/r/waterfox/c...ox_56_is_very_slow_loading_1200_tabs/dr3mwci/

… Waterfox quit times seem to be significantly better (than Firefox 56.0.2) …


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Snurg please, does that resolve the conflicts of which you're aware?
I'll give Waterfox a try again the next days. When I first attempted to install the pkg, there were some conflicts which would have required me to uninstall things which I need daily. Maybe this is fixed meanwhile.
Currently I use PaleMoon, which I like. Because, I found within a few days of use, the annoyance factor is much less.

Thank you very much for that link. I now feel less bad. I felt like a messie when I noticed that I had more than 500 tabs running. I felt this is a behavior I should try to change.

I use FVWM, 3 desktops, each sized 16 windows, and this is a relatively fresh session.
7 PaleMoon windows, each containing from about 10 to 30 tabs. I like separate browser windows for different things. Like now: email, news, shopping, FreeBSD forum, Perl, FreeBSD documentation/research and electronics. In total I have about 100 tabs open. I try to clean up windows when they exceed about 20-30 tabs, so I keep an overview.

(Sorry for that OT. Just to tell you tab junkies that this is not a thing to be ashamed of :))


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Just tried www/waterfox, works great, sound works, UnMHT works, win-win for me.



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I just tried on both CURRENT and RELEASE and yes, it works for me as well. However, there's a pkg-message that it's deprecated and will be removed on the 19th. (Though that's not in the pkg-message, however after installing, from pkg or doing pkg info -D waterfox, I get the message. (I see the fact that it's marked as experimental has already been mentioned.)

Also tried it on Linux, where it worked for playing Netflix. Importing of various firefox options was very quck and easy.


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# pkg install www/waterfox
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
pkg: No packages available to install matching 'www/waterfox' have been found in the repositories
Did the package disappear already?
Because, I tried to install it today in the morning, and then again got the message, that Waterfox wanted to deinstall PaleMoon, because Palemoon uses newer library versions.
And I am not so eager to downgrade the libraries only for making Waterfox install...



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Btw, have you read that:
waterfox Distilled fork of Firefox
56.0.1.s20171212 www 
[IMG]https://www.freshports.org/images/deprecated.gif[/IMG] DEPRECATED: Temporary experiment
[IMG]https://www.freshports.org/images/expiration.gif[/IMG] EXPIRATION DATE: 2018-01-30


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The package is available if you have latest in /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf:
url: "pkg+http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/${ABI}/latest"
Thank you!
This setting should really be known more.
It fixed a number of important program installations that otherwise would have required deleting and downgrading a lot of other stuff.
Like Waterfox and LibreOffice that wanted to deinstall PaleMoon.



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Yes, don't know why this www/waterfox — "Distilled fork of Firefox" is so large and what
was removed if it is even larger than new firefox (language packs?).
Here is palemoon(96.9MiB), waterfox(214MiB), firefox-esr(113MiB) and new firefox-58(174MiB) package sizes,
waterfox is even almost twice as large than firefox-esr!

I also tried to use www/waterfox and I don't like it too.
Wow, I didn't realize that either. Maybe time to go back to firefox.
Yes, most of the difference is probably the language packs:

# du -hs /usr/local/lib/firefox
 88M    /usr/local/lib/firefox
# du -hs /usr/local/lib/waterfox
129M    /usr/local/lib/waterfox
# pwd
# du -hs .
 45M    .
# ls
langpack-ach@waterfox.xpi       langpack-fi@waterfox.xpi        langpack-ms@waterfox.xpi
langpack-af@waterfox.xpi        langpack-fr@waterfox.xpi        langpack-nb-NO@waterfox.xpi
langpack-an@waterfox.xpi        langpack-fy-NL@waterfox.xpi     langpack-nl@waterfox.xpi
langpack-ar@waterfox.xpi        langpack-ga-IE@waterfox.xpi     langpack-nn-NO@waterfox.xpi
langpack-as@waterfox.xpi        langpack-gd@waterfox.xpi        langpack-or@waterfox.xpi
langpack-ast@waterfox.xpi       langpack-gl@waterfox.xpi        langpack-pa-IN@waterfox.xpi
langpack-az@waterfox.xpi        langpack-gn@waterfox.xpi        langpack-pl@waterfox.xpi
langpack-bg@waterfox.xpi        langpack-gu-IN@waterfox.xpi     langpack-pt-BR@waterfox.xpi
langpack-bn-BD@waterfox.xpi     langpack-he@waterfox.xpi        langpack-pt-PT@waterfox.xpi
langpack-bn-IN@waterfox.xpi     langpack-hi-IN@waterfox.xpi     langpack-rm@waterfox.xpi
langpack-br@waterfox.xpi        langpack-hr@waterfox.xpi        langpack-ro@waterfox.xpi
langpack-bs@waterfox.xpi        langpack-hsb@waterfox.xpi       langpack-ru@waterfox.xpi
langpack-ca@waterfox.xpi        langpack-hu@waterfox.xpi        langpack-si@waterfox.xpi
langpack-cak@waterfox.xpi       langpack-hy-AM@waterfox.xpi     langpack-sk@waterfox.xpi
langpack-cs@waterfox.xpi        langpack-id@waterfox.xpi        langpack-sl@waterfox.xpi
langpack-cy@waterfox.xpi        langpack-is@waterfox.xpi        langpack-son@waterfox.xpi
langpack-da@waterfox.xpi        langpack-it@waterfox.xpi        langpack-sq@waterfox.xpi
langpack-de@waterfox.xpi        langpack-ja@waterfox.xpi        langpack-sr@waterfox.xpi
langpack-dsb@waterfox.xpi       langpack-ka@waterfox.xpi        langpack-sv-SE@waterfox.xpi
langpack-el@waterfox.xpi        langpack-kab@waterfox.xpi       langpack-ta@waterfox.xpi
langpack-en-GB@waterfox.xpi     langpack-kk@waterfox.xpi        langpack-te@waterfox.xpi
langpack-en-ZA@waterfox.xpi     langpack-km@waterfox.xpi        langpack-th@waterfox.xpi
langpack-eo@waterfox.xpi        langpack-kn@waterfox.xpi        langpack-tr@waterfox.xpi
langpack-es-AR@waterfox.xpi     langpack-ko@waterfox.xpi        langpack-uk@waterfox.xpi
langpack-es-CL@waterfox.xpi     langpack-lij@waterfox.xpi       langpack-uz@waterfox.xpi
langpack-es-ES@waterfox.xpi     langpack-lt@waterfox.xpi        langpack-vi@waterfox.xpi
langpack-es-MX@waterfox.xpi     langpack-lv@waterfox.xpi        langpack-xh@waterfox.xpi
langpack-et@waterfox.xpi        langpack-mai@waterfox.xpi       langpack-zh-CN@waterfox.xpi
langpack-eu@waterfox.xpi        langpack-mk@waterfox.xpi        langpack-zh-TW@waterfox.xpi
langpack-fa@waterfox.xpi        langpack-ml@waterfox.xpi
langpack-ff@waterfox.xpi        langpack-mr@waterfox.xpi
Context: FreeBSD bug 221916 – cease www/firefox-i18n dependency on old, incompatible xpi-quick-locale-switcher

… Waterfox has UI to select locale out of the box. 🤦 …


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I am using Waterfox and I like it and I do not have to buil libxul and/or rust anymore.
I did compile it with sndio option and sound works without problem (in Iridium too)
But mine :
du -hs /usr/local/lib/waterfox
218M    /usr/local/lib/waterfox

du -hs /usr/local/lib/waterfox/browser/features
 52M    /usr/local/lib/waterfox/browser/features