bhyve VNC access to bhyve (password and increasing or limiting max. users/sessions)


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I have two questions regarding using bhyve:

1. Is it possible to add a password to access via VNC (for the "-s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600" feature).

2. And, I noticed that if I try to access by a second VNC user/session, nothing shows up until the first user terminates the session. Can this limit be increased? Is there a specific setting somewhere to set the max. VNC users or sessions?



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1. Yes - there is a "password=<string>" option that can be appended to fbuf (see the bhyve(4) man page)

2. bhyve only supports a single active VNC session.


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If you need remote access to the installed guest after boot, you can always install a VNC server on the guest (or any other remote access solution, like e.g. anydesk).
The bhyve VNC console is more geared towards installation and maintenance of guests that don't support a proper console, hence it doesn't support multiplexing.