Solved VLC scaling problem


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Hello world.
Some days ago, multimedia/vlc started to act funny on my machine. The content of the video is scaled to fit the window size, but only a smaller part on the top-left is visible. When you change the window size, the video scaling adapts, but only the black area right and below get bigger/smaller. When you tune the window size for the displayed area, you get the whole image, but that is not a solution. Fullscreen also does not help matters.

This must have crept in when I made a cleanup of my packages by removing all the pkgs and re-installing the applications I need. I did make a list of the installed ports before that, and a compare to the list of ports installed now does not reveal anything useful.
Maybe one fellow forum user has seen this before and knows what to do, I've searched for some time now and found no remedy.
That looks the same - I will check it. It looks like I did not search with the correct wording; the fate of the non-native speaker.
Unfortunately, vlc is a dependency of "mediathek", a tool I use quite frequently. Switching to vlc-qt4 collides with this. One could change the configuration of vlc to use qt4 instead of qt5, but that causes a truckload of changes in the ports tree. Changing "mediathek" to not depend on vlc also causes a huge set of changes. That, and the fact that mixing packages and ports is considered a bad idea, leads me to a different approach. I'll use some other video player for a few days/weeks and check back frequently.