Solved VLC playing DVD audio works video freezes

I have been using VLC media player and enjoyed its features playing audio and DVD disks.
However, have had trouble recently. The player starts playing a DVD okay, the audio works fine.
The video freezes at the first frame of the first track/chapter/title, the image is distorted as well.
The one trick I have used is to click on the scroller/slider with the mouse cursor, and this brings
synchronous play with the audio and gives a fresh image at that point on the disk.

Any thoughts, hints, comments would be appreciated. I have heard that mpv player is another alternative.
Took your suggestion and tried a few of the above media players. In addition, a new version of /multimedia/libdvdread became available for upgrade.

Disks both audio and DVD are working quite nice. Thanks again. lebarondemerde!
hi bookwormep,
I am new to this site, well, from your question, I think you have no need to change VLC, will you know that you can directly convert DVD or other videos to mp4 via VLC? It is a pity if you just use it as a common media player, because VLC has some hidden functions you didn’t notice, for example, it can solve the problem of splitting videos, you can play and download YouTube with VLC media player, what’s more, VLC is also a DVD ripper which is able to decode various DVDs to video formats. In addition, it can be used as a VLC media converter. well, I copied some words from, if you are interested in the topic, you can also take a look at above link. Cheers