ZFS Virtualization with ZFS (bhyve vs. FreeBSD as guest vs. ?)

I have been evaluating various virtualization environments and am wondering if anybody knows whether bhyve is considered ready for production environments yet? It seems like there have been some recent improvements and bhyve would seem a natural fit for those wanting to use ZFS / exported ZVOLS as storage for their guests and connected clients.

Has anybody had any success with bhyve in this configuration, or is it better to use something like ESXi as the host hypervisor and then directly pass the storage devices into FreeBSD running as a privileged guest - and then export and share your ZFS-based filesystems that way?

I have only seen a few old blog posts on this topic so maybe it's not a very common thing to want to do.

Thanks for your time.
Some people consider Bhyve production stable some people like me don't. If you want to use ZFS as a storage you can use Alpine Linux Xen Dom0. ZFS these days works pretty good on Linux although as a third party kernel module. Xen Hypervisor is about as mature technology as it comes. I don't have ESXi site license but I heard nothing but good things about ESXi.
Thanks Oko. I'd prefer to avoid Linux but I will check Alpine out.

Solaris would also have been a great option if Oracle had wanted it to be.