VirtualBox vlan with em driver



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Are the vlan functions of the IntelPro/1000 virtual adapters fully available in the port version of VirtualBox?

I tried my best but failed to get it working for FreeBSD 7.2 guest OSes.
Any stories of success? ;)

Host OS is FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p4


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I'm quite interested in this thread, too.
I experience similar problems with two VMs that run pfSense's FreeBSD on a Windows XP Pro and a Mac Os X (10.4) VirtualBox host environment. I'm experimenting with these VMs for severals days now inside my VLAN environments without any success.

Finally I booted a "physical machine" (PM) with the Live-CD of pfSense to test if the problem resides within the VMs, pfSense itself, Windows, OSX, the HP switches or whatever...
As I have completed the setup and connected all as it should I could connect the Live-CD PM successfully to any possible VLAN in my network.

After the PM test I transfered the EXACTLY same configuration to my VMs but had no success at all with this.

So my conclusion is that the problem must be:
* Somewhere within the VMs host emulation of the NICs, as both (the Windows and the Mac) hosts fail to transport my packets correctly. So, I also don't think it's an Windows Problem (although I've read many threads on this) with VLAN incompatibility.

* OR sth due to an incompatibility of FreeBSD with the "em0" NICs of VirtualBox

I'm very excited how this thread develops and if we can find a solution on this.

Good luck for your testing!


- Michl


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I found the following bug report in the VirtualBox bugtracker:

If you scroll down a bit towards the middle of the comments section you'll find the following cite:


bridging the physical interface and then trying to setup a vlan interface within guest fails to pass vlan tags out host interface. This behavior is the same in all Host OS's apparently.

So, I think this should clarify things so far that this isn't a FreeBSD issue rather than a VirtualBox bug.

- Michl