VBox shared folder can't save existing file

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I can't save existing file but can only create new file. Once I hit Ctrl + S the file no longer allows latter editing. Error message is: Unexpected error: Error renaming temporary file: Text file busy.

I don't know it's so much trouble.

Update: the same thing on OpenIndiana, so it's not FreeBSD's fault. Life is so bad :rolleyes:


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Not to solve your problem, but to add to it... I noticed just this week that I have one folder inside of the shared folders that 12-RELEASE can't access as a folder (it sees it only as a file), and a completely separate folder with same behavior for 12-STABLE. In other words, depending on which version of FreeBSD I'm using, it incorrectly sees a certain folder as a file only. That is obviously a problem with VirtualBox, NOT FreeBSD. But, alas, I suppose that we can't complain to Oracle about free software, now can we?
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