using sysinstall to upgrade ports

im extremely new to freebsd and ive got a few ports up and running and i thought i would upgrade them. I went through the manual and thought using sysinstall would be my easiest way of upgrading the port tree however it seems i keep downloading the same tree. The only reason i say that is when i do a pkg_version it shows all ports as being = but im sure squid is currently on 2.7 as stable and im running 2.6. Im using freebsd's website as the ftp to get the ports tree what am i doing wrong?
Packages are not updated like ports as they are built when a new (OS) release is ready or in particular cases e.g. new xorg.
So, if you want the latest version available you should use ports.
Start getting the ports tree with portsnap fetch extract.
Then periodically update it using portsnap fetch update.
Then choose one of the tool you can see in the handbook to update your installed ports.
Thanks im not sure i exactly follow you on the pkgs versus ports thing however using portsnap i was able to get a new version of the ports tree and upgrade my squid port , thanks again