Using swap space from a logical partition.


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I am trying to make a switch from GNU/Linux to BSD based systems, for learning purposes, but the problem I encounter is that the partition I want to use as swap space is on a logical partition and the FreeBSD installer sees the whole logical part as one partition instead of three.

Is there a way to use this partition as I would with Windows/Linux systems? Or would I be better of splitting my BSD root partition in two?

I encountered this problem while using VMWare, with a similar partition table as I currently have on my real pc. I do this so I can eliminate as much problems before I do a real install.

The current partition table looks like this: Primary, an ext3 partition and an ntfs partition. Logical, a swap partition, another ext3 partition and another ntfs partition.

I also want to mount the second ext3 partition (the logical one) as /home with UFS on it.



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convert them to type 165 (if I recall) with Bootit Shareware,$35 or so? I had two FS on a space within a logical partition (fat16 or
some such number ) back when running 5.x (2 out of 4)
not saying that it would work. Just that is *might*



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You should be able to install the system without swap partition. Then something like this:
/dev/your_swap_partition none swap sw 0 0

at the beginning of /etc/fstab should be sufficient.