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Hi community, I was wondering about something if it could be done or not. Actually, at work we use docker from time to time. I prefer working on BSD but Docker not being supported anymore on BSD makes it a bit complicate for me to use it. Actually I was thinking about using the linux ABI on BSD for installing docker in the linux userland on my BSD. So my question is, would that be possible to use Docker with its (linux version) in the linux. Something like /compat/linux/usr/bin/docker ?

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Simple answer is what drhowarddrfine said - it's not supported. Really, it's not. FreeBSD's jails do work fine and I found it more suiting for my (note: highly subjective) needs. You're wasting your time to make docker work on current FreeBSD -- it's not worth it. Either turn to jails, VMs (VirtualBox, some corner cases _maybe bhyve) or turn to Linux directly.
But drhowarddrfine answer is the most suiting in this case.


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Docker doesn't work very well natively in FreeBSD. You're better off installing Debian Linux in Bhyve and install Docker inside Debian. What that FreeBSD Docker does is install lightweight (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) linux in Bhyve so it basically does the same thing as installing regular Linux in Bhyve.

I prefer Jail or Bhyve since both are very stable, mature, easy to setup and destroy. Docker is just another container as much as VirtualBox, etc.


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Didn't FreeNAS use Docker for a spell before switching to bhyve?
They did but Docker wasn't up to date with current FreeBSD/FreeNAS version as it wasn't well maintained. Bhyve can do it much better running Linux VMs inside FreeBSD and it is far more stable. I've been running Debian in Bhyve for over a month without a restart while Docker are known to crash from time to time.

Running Debian in Bhyve doesn't take much resources if not running GUI or anything.


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I asked the question because I'm confused. It's stated Docker isn't supported anymore on FreeBSD yet there is a port for Docker.