Using DD to restore Windows Recovery Partition

I have an ISO of a Windows Recovery Partition and would like to install this onto a hard disk.

Any pointers on how to do this?

I'm guessing

dd if=/somepath/windowsrecovery.iso of=/dev/ada0p1

or somesuch... But before that I would need to create the partition and make it bootable using


If there is a tutorial on doing this I'd like to read it.

I'll try following this and see how close I get

but I don't know if FreeBSD is able to create a bootable Windows disk.
The hard disk will need some sort of bootcode that can boot NTFS from GPT. Grub can do that, probably others but I have not tried. As far as copying the binary, giving dd(1) a buffer will speed things up a lot:
dd if=/somepath/windowsrecovery.iso of=/dev/ada0p1 bs=128k

I can't recall a time when a Windows recovery partition ever actually recovered Windows for me, though.