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I'm having trouble setting up a D-link DWA-131 rev. E usb wifi adapter using FreeBSD 11.2. Apparently the DWA-131 rev E is not supported by the urtwn driver. I've tried setting up the card using different drivers in the configuration files and followed quick start guides on with entries in /boot/loader.conf /etc/rc.conf and /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

There is no output from ifconfig relating to wifi, ethernet works fine. Relating to the specific device usbconfig gives the output:

ugen0.3:   <Realtek Wireless N Nano USB Adapter> at usbus0,  cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON (500mA)
sysctl net.wlan.devices gives no output

Any help would be much appreciated


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As you got rev. E and D-Link does not even list any revisions nor chipsets for the DWA-131 I would not spend a second longer on that crap and trash it.

Exactly that is, what's making it hard to develop drivers for many realtek driven devices.

Grab something else. Digg here and compare to what is available where you live.
I agree. I have an rtl8723be and wouldn't ask anybody to waste their good time writing a driver for it. Plus I think it requires non-free proprietary Realtek code just to make it work.


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The chipset for the DWA-131 rev E used is apparently RTL8192EU

There is a reference to the chipset in the rtwn(4) driver (listed under man pages 12-current)

Firmware file: /boot/kernel/rtwn-rtl8192eufw.ko

Despite the chipset is not listed in the 12.0-RELEASE Hardware Notes (man rtwn(4) points to 11.2-RELEASE man pages), I suggest you try 12.0-RC3.

Edit: Apparently 12.0-RELEASE is already out.