Solved USB drive shows full but isn't.

I installed FreeBSD 10.2 on a 120GB USB thumb drive. It has been working fine for months. Today I went to run pkg update and got an error I was out of space. So I did a df -h and it shows me this...

Filesystem    Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on

/dev/da0p2    111G    111G   -8.9G   109%    /

I run a du -hs * | sort -h and I get this...

root@nas:/ # du -hs * | sort -h

  0B home
  0B sys
3.5K dev
4.0K entropy
4.0K proc
8.0K media
8.0K mnt
 36K tmp
128K root
276K libexec
1.2M bin
2.8M etc
6.5M sbin
7.9M rescue
9.5M lib
481M boot
491M var
1.8G usr

root@nas:/ #

So my question is, I'm basically using a little over 2GB of space yet, it shows all is full. Any ideas? Anyones help is appreciated. Thanks.