Upgrading resulting kernel panic



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hi, I've been having this issue for a while on my ver 12 release.

Whenever I tried to upgrade the system, it results a kernel panic on the system and rebooted automatically. I was able to observe the failure point and it seems that system always reboot during upgrade of python27, i can still launch into 'x' windows but firefox and kodi couldn't be launched.

Error screenshot is attached.


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First things first, you're talking about upgrading ports/packages, not the system itself.

But it doesn't seem to matter here, from the screenshot, you just have a corrupted (UFS) filesystem. Try fsck(8). Maybe also consider switching to ZFS for a better chance to avoid such errors or at least catch them earlier. On a side note, I wouldn't have expected filesystem corruption could cause panics...


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If your filesystem (ufs2) is so seriously corrupted that an automated fsck can't fix it, then yes, panics can happen. The fix is always to boot in single-user and run fsck on the filesystem in question until it is clean. Having good backups is useful, even if you don't need them.



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thanks for the reply!
I was able to fix the error by rebooting into single user mode and use 'fsck' :

# fsck -c /etc/fstab
# fsck -y

I had to run 'pkg upgrade' a couple times afterwards because machine stuck at fetching 'gcc9-9.3.0_1.txz', but eventually was able to upgrade the system.