Solved Upgrading PHP 5.4 to 5.6

I'm looking to upgrade PHP 5.4 to 5.6 and was wondering if this is correct way to do it?

portmaster -o lang/php56 php5-5.4.45
portmaster -o lang/php56-extensions php5-extensions-1.7
portmaster -o www/mod_php56 mod_php5-5.4.45,1
portmaster -a
Here is what PHP is currently showing on my system :
php5-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: lang/php5
php5-extensions-1.7  ?  orphaned: lang/php5-extensions
mod_php5-5.4.45,1   ?  orphaned: www/mod_php5
php5-bcmath-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: math/php5-bcmath
php5-bz2-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: archivers/php5-bz2
php5-calendar-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: misc/php5-calendar
php5-ctype-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-ctype
php5-curl-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: ftp/php5-curl
php5-dba-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: databases/php5-dba
php5-dom-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-dom
php5-exif-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: graphics/php5-exif
php5-fileinfo-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: sysutils/php5-fileinfo
php5-filter-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: security/php5-filter
php5-ftp-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: ftp/php5-ftp
php5-gd-5.4.45_1  ?  orphaned: graphics/php5-gd
php5-hash-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: security/php5-hash
php5-iconv-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: converters/php5-iconv
php5-imap-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: mail/php5-imap
php5-json-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: devel/php5-json
php5-mbstring-5.4.45_1  ?  orphaned: converters/php5-mbstring
php5-mcrypt-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: security/php5-mcrypt
php5-mysql-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: databases/php5-mysql
php5-mysqli-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: databases/php5-mysqli
php5-openssl-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: security/php5-openssl
php5-pdo-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: databases/php5-pdo
php5-pdo_mysql-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: databases/php5-pdo_mysql
php5-posix-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: sysutils/php5-posix
php5-pspell-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-pspell
php5-session-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: www/php5-session
php5-simplexml-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-simplexml
php5-tokenizer-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: devel/php5-tokenizer
php5-xml-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-xml
php5-xmlreader-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-xmlreader
php5-xmlrpc-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: net/php5-xmlrpc
php5-xmlwriter-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: textproc/php5-xmlwriter
php5-zip-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: archivers/php5-zip
php5-zlib-5.4.45  ?  orphaned: archivers/php5-zlib
Please read /usr/ports/UPDATING:
  AFFECTS: users of PHP

  The default PHP version has been updated from 5.4 to 5.6.

  If you use binary packages you should make a list of php packages
  before running 'pkg upgrade':

  # pkg info php5\* > ~/installed-php-ports-list

  After the upgrade, check with such list if all your php extensions
  are still installed, and reinstall them if needed.

As you're installing from ports the easiest is to simply remove all the old PHP 5.4 modules and ports and install PHP 5.6 with the modules you need.
Thank you, I guess I can go that route. I was leaning towards the upgrade route so I would have minimal downtime.
I was leaning towards the upgrade route so I would have minimal downtime.
Also possible but it's very likely you're going to end up in a dependency hell which will take longer to solve and fix. If you really want to minimize downtime build your own packages on a different server. Then you can build everything you need and use the pkg(8) command to quickly replace them on the server in question.
Thanks again for your help. I finally pulled the trigger tonight and installed PHP 5.6 - and it went without a hitch. I followed your advice and deleted the old packages first (rather than upgrade them) and I believe that saved me from a possible headache.

I did however get unlucky and got stuck on a server giving me 50 kbps (or something) and it took 11 mins to download that 13mb file. That download took almost as long as it took to install the new PHP version ...