Upgrading 13.0-RELEASE-p11 to 13.1-RELEASE - server won't boot - Mellanox Infiniband issue?

Well I blew the dust off an old server so I could turn it into an Ansible server for a lab project. I upgraded to 12.0, then 13.0; rebuilt packages each time and all was good. I then did the upgrade to 13.1, rebuilt packages, etc and thought all was good until the final/last reboot. Now it looks like the server is getting hung on:
<6> ib_mthca: Mellanox Infiniband HCA Driver v1.0
<6> ib_mtcha: Initializing ib_mthca

I considered starting fresh, to get rid of who knows what I did to that machine previously, but I discovered that when trying to install FreeBSD, the same thing happens: on versions before 13.1-RELEASE, I get the gui to install FreeBSD, but with 13.1-RELEASE the boot up hangs in the same spot, and thus do not get the GUI install screen.

I don't see in the 13.1-RELEASE release notes, or Errata anything that matches, but I did find this (officially unrelated) post:

While I would like to know what exactly 13.1-RELEASE is doing / not doing, and I can give some time to help the community, I will likely just go ahead and install 12.3-RELEASE or 13.0-RELEASE. I'm posting more so as an FYI.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Packet Man