Upgrade from 12 to 12.1 Failed - stuck in single user mode.



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I tried to upgrade to 12.1 but all had gone wrong and now I'm stuck in single user mode where no command is working. Please let me state what I did.
In my first attempt, my p4 system suddenly hung when downloaded 45060 patches were being applied so I had to reboot and start the from scratch by issuing #freebsd-update -r 12.1-RELEASE upgrade. This time all the patches were downloaded and applied, I was asked to install the upgrade and reboot. When it came up to complete the upgrade installation, I was getting a series of following error messages;
gunzip: (stdin): unexpected end of file


Failed to fully fault in a core file segment at VA 0 to be written at atleast 0x20669000 with size 0x35000 for process sh

The aforementioned messages repeated many times ended. Finally I landed in single user mode.
Nothing worked in it. Whatever I tried in single user mode; I got the following messages;
pid 24 (sh), jid 0, uid 0, exited on signal 11
What do I do now?


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Is the /rescue in installation disk?
No, it's always available. And you don't need to cd to it. Just run /rescue/sh for example. Or /rescue/ls, /rescue/ps, etc. There are a whole bunch of commands in /rescue, specifically for situations like this.