Solved Upgrade from 11.4-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE breaks NTPD and Synth (Bug 232921)


Aspiring Daemon

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FYI for the ports-mgmt/synth users.

So, I just upgraded from 11.4-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE, only to discover Synth would not run anymore. I got this:

raised REPLICANT.SCENARIO_UNEXPECTED : /usr/sbin/mtree -p /usr/obj/synth-live/SL09/var -f /etc/mtree/BSD.var.dist -deqU

less /var/log/synth/05_abnormal_command_output.log
Showed me NTPD was the issue, and sure shot I see in top that ntpd is not running

Grepping through less /var/log/messages I found:
May 22 12:34:21 hostname_here root[873]: /etc/rc: WARNING: failed to start ntpd

I did some searching and found this:
Bug 232921 - Breaks NTPD

Followed the thread, did the commands by hand and I seem to be good to go.