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Some time ago, I successfully installed TrueOS on my shop computer but have not had an opportunity to use it much since then.
Recently, I attempted to update it, and the pointer to the update files is so out-of-date that the files cannot be found. I have searched, diligently, to find the config file which is used by PC-UPDATEMANAGER and/or PKGUPDATE so that I can edit the file(s) to point it to the correct URL where the update files reside, but have so far not found that/those.

I cannot reinstall TrueOS via my CD/DVD drive, or memstick, since when attempting that, I get several "file not found errors". (I did discover that this problem is due to some weirdness in the BIOS having something to do with having to activate AHCI, but that solution which worked for my main desktop, does NOT work for my shop desktop.).

In usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/conf there is a SYS (something).conf file, all RED in the ls, which when I chmod it to 777 I can edit the line which has the incorrect URL and save it, but when I next check it, it has reverted to the incorrect URL.

Furthermore, I am having a very difficult time figuring out where, in fact, and what the file names are, for the most recent update files from the TrueOS website.

Any help with this?

It would be nice, I suppose, if the TrueOS group had a forum something like this one...

Ken Gordon
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