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unable to logout


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Hi all,

Thanks in advance.

I logged in as usual with my general user account. How ever I was unable to logout.
I tried the logout command with both 'csh' and 'sh'. sh says sorry, csh says not the logout shell.

Why is this ?



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Hei Rohit,

you can only logout from a shell where you really logged yourself in with username and password (or key e.g. on ssh).
It won't work in xterm as you allready logged in to the Xorg session via a login manager or from a terminal where you ran startx after you logged in via username and password.

Say you are on ttyv0 and enter your username and password, you should be able to logout via logout not matter what shell you are using.
But if you start another shell on top of that shell, the new shell isn't a login shell anymore and logout will not work.


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Ctrl-D is the EOF (end-of-file) character.
Actually, it's more than that. At least under csh(1):

"^D"           ->  delete-char-or-list-or-eof
It will depend on the context whether it's 'delete-char', 'list' (file completion) or 'EOF'.