Unable to change the screen brightness (KDE 4 with VESA)


The brightness control keys are not working in my laptop.

System: Dell Inspiron15 3000 series
OS : FreeBSD 10.3
Driver : ATI Radeon R4 (Not supported)...using VESA

Tried several programs such as xbacklight, xbrightness etc, but no success.

Any suggestions?

I am using VESA as my graphics driver since my graphics card (AMD Kaveri - Sea Islands) is not supported in FreeBSD 10.3.

What are the limitations for VESA?

I know that there wont be any 3D acceleration support. But, for the moment I couldn't change the brightness of screen using the keys or by any software method (xbacklight, xbrightness etc). Is this due to VESA? Or something else??

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