Solved UEFI, Newcons (VT) with Weird Output

Hi all,

Freshly installed FreeBSD 11 Release on my Lenovo W520 with UEFI and VT. When I boot from FreeBSD ISO DVD, UEFI only and VT, everything looks normal, after installation completed and reboot the system here what the output looks like (please look at the attached file).

  • Without loading i915kms.ko: System boots up but the screen looks like the attached image.
  • With loading i915kms.ko: System boots up, screen looks like the attached image for while and then become normal.

Can someone please let me know on how to fix this, so system boots up normally all the way.
Please let me know if you need more information.

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monwarez Thanks for your reply.
For some reason gop command wasn't working for me but mode gave me the options. I used mode 4 to get the best result at the loader() prompt. I added set mode 4 to my /boot/loader.rc.local, reboot the system and my screen still looking the same the attached image.

Please let me know if need to try anything else.
Thank you,
monwarez Thanks for your reply.

I made the change as you suggested in /boot/loader.rc.local. Reboot and no luck.
I reboot my system and went to UEFI BIOS and found out that under Intel (R) AMT, there is setting to change the console called Console Type. It has 4 different types:
  1. PC ANSI
  2. VT100
  3. VT100+
  4. VT-UTF8
In my system Console Type was set to VT100+ and I change it to VT-UTF8 and everything start working as expected.

I reboot the system and went to loader prompt and gop started to work too. Then I change the content of /boot/loader.rc.local to:
gop set 2

Reboot the system and everything works perfectly. monwarez Thank you so much for your help. Without your suggestion of adding gop or mode to /boot/loader.rc.local, changing Console Type in UEFI BIOS had no effect.
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