Solved Two-column views of threads

<> appeared OK before the first response appeared.

Now (reproducible in multiple browsers):

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… maybe the result of XenForo not responding gracefully to pastes, or BBCode edition, by the opening poster.
Thanks. My first sight of the issue was following today's upgrade:

Oct 3 12:38:54 mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd pkg[2761]: firefox upgraded: 92.0.1,2 -> 93.0,2

I assumed that the upgrade had caused or exposed an issue, however then I found the same symptom in Falkon. IIRC:
  1. the Firefox cached view of the page (initially loaded by the upgraded Firefox) was free from the symptom with just the opening post visible
  2. the symptom appeared after I reloaded the page to include post #2.
The same symptom in Chromium 92.0.4515.159_2, so I reckon that the upgrade to Firefox was coincidental.

Postscript: above, there's now the correct line from /var/log/messages (today, not 27th September).
The cause is not the browser, some misplaced tag or tags are messing up the thread view. A forum administrator needs to fix it:
Somebody embedded a [url] in a [thread]. That really freaks out the parser. Should be fixed now.
I would imagine this calls for programmatic enforcement of not accepting URL's in thread titles... If someone creates a thread, and needs to show a URL, the URL really belongs in the body of the opening post (along with an explanation), not in the thread title. Just my 2 cents here...
LOL I'm not going to attempt to correct that it's nothing like what I typed! I simply selected then replied. After posting, it appears quite different:


PS Solved for thread 82298, this is just amusing coincidental munging.


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Well, that comes from the old freebsd documentation (handbook, etc) style. I might update it to match the current documentation portal style when I have time.