TVheadend on Linux



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I've managed to get TVheadend running on FreeBSD but I'm having a few issues with it so wanted to install it on Linux to compare how it performs. Unfortunately I can't get my DVB-T dongle recognised and wondered if anyone here could help...

On FreeBSD I think I needed to have webcamd running before being able to run w_scan, but I've seen no mention of running it on Linux, so don't know if this is what is missing...

I've copied the firmware to /lib/firmware but can't tell if has been read... anyone know how to tell?

After a couple of days trying out various things on Linux, I've just realised how awful it for installing anything out of the ordinary...


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if your issue is video buffering playback issue ( Thread 64029 ) then I doubt there will be any difference running Linux. If indeed the issue is video buffering then feel free to post the output of those commands I gave to you in Thread 64029 and I will have a look when I have some time.