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Trip Report: Gleb Kurtsou


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The next trip report is from Gleb Kurtsou:

Thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation, I was able to attend the Developer Summit and EuroBSDcon'2011. It was my first Developer Summit. Two of my main goals were to popularize PEFS and meet in person people I communicate with via email. FreeBSD developers are all great people and nice to talk to. I only wish I could also meetmy past GSoC mentors at the conference; hopefully I'll be more lucky next time.

PEFS is a kernel level stacked cryptographic file system for FreeBSD. It's been around for a while, but still remains unknown to many FreeBSD users. I gave ashort presentation about PEFS at the DevSummit, outlining its design anddifferences compared to other cryptographic stacked file systems. I had a numberof comments, particularly regarding data authentication in PEFS, so I've startedlooking closer at the issue and have already evaluated various designs. Whatsurprised me is that interest in PEFS has increased after adding PEFS to thelist of talks on the wiki page. Perhaps the outcome of giving the talk could beeven larger than I originally expected.

The DevSummit was both very inspirational and technically useful. I took valuableideas and knowledge from every working group session. The toolchain and bmakegroups discussed some of the issues I've faced myself building and maintaininga project partially based on FreeBSD and reusing its build system: portions ofthe code couldn't be compiled with the base system toolchain, managinginterdependencies, and faster builds. It's encouraging to see the FreeBSD projectsolving these problems right way instead of using homegrown hacks. Capsicum andvirtualization are areas of my interest and closely related to projects I work on.An additional file systems working group would have made this event ideal for me.It looks like a sufficient number of VFS gurus couldn't get to this place at thesame time, so I'm looking forward to attending the next Developer Summit.

Thanks again to the Foundation for its support!