timeout in locking xauthority

I installed tightvnc and setup vncserver, but now when I sign into my user X takes a long time to start. Spewing errors such as XAuthority is not writable or timeout in locking xatuhority.

I have tried removing xauthority and removing vnc and the issue persists, help please.

Running FreeBSD 11.1 amd64
You don't write how you start Xorg, but maybe you accidentally ran startx when you had su'ed to root?
That happend to me just today and made root the owner of /home/$USER/.Xauthority so as normal user I got that same error and couldn't
start Xorg before I changed owner back to my username.
Thanks for the above reply. I have no idea how (after umpty years) I managed to make that same mistake.
I would still be scratching my head for quite a while without your note. Thanks, k.j.