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Solved Time and disk space required to compile XFCE4 for Raspberry Pi 2?



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I am trying to get XFCE4 compiled for the Raspberry Pi 2 and it has been going for half the day so far. But the real worry is that this is being done on an 8GB micro SD card. There is not much space left and I expect there is many days worth of compiling left. I was misled by this page saying a max of 10 GB is needed for typical FreeBSD usage: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/18759/ . A person on this very forum with many posts said that. I should have known better because compiling KDE4 took over a week and I seem to think over 100GB on a fast laptop the last time I tried. Wishful thinking on my part led me to use this 8GB card I guess.

What would you say realistically? 2 weeks compile time and 60 GB used, and about 10% lifetime sanity drained away?


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That seems like an awfully long time. Are you sure it's not hung? When I compile stuff on the Pi2, I always make sure I have a well sized swap file, because some programs require a ton of memory in order to compile (Pi2 only has 1GB) - and in some cases the build will just "hang" forever if the memory runs out.


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It might be worthwhile to investigate running Poudriere on a decently sized system. You can use it to build your own ARM packages (Poudriere can cross-build for ARM) there and just use pkg-install(8) on the Pi.



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Thanks for the replies. I have spent the last several hours investigation Poudriere and posted my results in the ports and packages forum. In short, I am not willing to wreck an existing FreeBSD system to get this done.

Unfortunately, it is not getting hung up. It just has the usual 1/3 reduction in performance that you get when you install FreeBSD over Linux.

I will just spend the required amount of weeks compiling instead. I am genuinely concerned that the ports tree or something is going to become outdated during the time it will take to compile. I cannot freeze time unfortunately and with the fast moving CURRENT version of FreeBSD being all there is this is a total nightmare.

Even if I spend the weeks/months to work this out I am probably going to find that the necessary software to get cellular connectivity up and running isn't going to work and I'm going to abandon this whole project anyway. Frankly I need KDE4 to work, not XFCE. XFCE is not cutting it these days.


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am probably going to find that the necessary software to get cellular connectivity up and running isn't going to work and I'm going to abandon this whole project anyway.
What is it you are needing for cellular? Is it connection software? PPP is what I use and it works fine.
Describe your need and we can help.



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I'm still working on this. I will start a new thread for cellular when I get to that point. Maybe that won't be so bad after all.

I have put together a build farm.
1. 10.4-RELEASE-p3 dual core laptop building 10.4-RELEASE-p3 for armv6
2. 3 ghz quad core "laptop" running 11.1-RELEASE-p4 building 12-CURRENT (?!) for armv6 then building 11.1-RELEASE-p4
3. 3.8 ghz quad core laptop running 12-CURRENT building 12-CURRENT for armv6

I have a couple of other computers running FreeBSD in addition to that.

The most interesting is computer 2 which is building for a jail newer than the host. Another thing - It has currently been compiling LLVM for about the past 24 hours but I understand that is fairly normal. It has really only had the LLVM compile "to itself" for about the last 12 hours or so. I put the word laptop in quotes because I built it myself and have had to take it halfway apart and add some extra cooling since this job seems to have overheated it's motherboard a few times.

edit: time required was 146 hours and disk space was less than 15GB.
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