Thoughts and experiences with cygwin, mingw, wsl on Msoft ?



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Experience: I used the mingw tools when I worked for an engineering company that had lots of windows computers. I liked being able to devel code using Emacs, Make, and GCC.

Microsoft once licensed Xenix from AT&T. Now they build monolithic systems with backslashes in filenames.


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WSL and WSL2 work like a charm, tested a few things with it but it does what it's supposed to do and it's relatively easy to set up and use. It's a shame there's no WSF (Windows Subsystem for FreeBSD). But who knows what the future might bring ;)



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This was my setup in the past. Not anymore, not because there's something wrong with that, I just moved on.

* MSYS2/Cygwin for interactive shell + POSIX utilities.
* MSYS2/mingw64 for building native Windows 64-bit.
* Official LLVM binary for Clang on Windows.

* Arch Linux on VM for other linux-y tests and etc (rarely).

* WSL2 to SSH from Visual Studio for GCC
> Linux development with C++ workload
> ARM embedded system (so-called IoT)