The single best 'git basics' video (plus some others)

Well. It is the single best git video IMO.


What I like about Scott is that he has this high level of energy/confidence that only can come from being an SME. It was a chocked full and fast hour and twenty-two minute presentation. If Scott was gun he would be a M134.


The next video that I liked was presented by Tim Berglund, not as high energy as Scott, but kept my interest.

The last video that I watched was presented by Matthew McCull. I did not watch it all the way through. I could just tell that Matthew was reading verbatim from a prepared script that was worded goofy. Listening to it left me as energized as a limp handshake.

Scott is the co-author of the git book which I think is the single best git book :p so it makes sense that he'd give a good lecture / video:

It's quite short, I've read it front to back and highly recommend it both as an intro for newbies and experts who want a more thorough understanding. It's well written and builds up the concepts gradually and practically without trying to formally define graph theory up front or something stupid.

Personally I think it makes the many other tutorials and resources out there fairly redundant unless they are particularly esoteric.