The make errors


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When I run the command make install clean to complie the gnome3. However, It would occur errors as follows.
屏幕快照 2018-12-01 下午10.20.34.png

I have no idea about the error code (Error code 70, Error code 1).


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Well, the error message should be obvious: you have incompatible packages. Right now you have gnome-themes-extra installed yet gnome-themes-standard is incompatible with it. You can start by removing the extras package to see if that works (using pkg delete).

Just curious though: why build all this from source in the first place? It might be a lot easier on yourself if you simply use binary packages: # pkg install gnome3. Be careful though that you don't mix up ports & packages, if you go this route you'd have to install everything as packages first using: # pkg upgrade -f.