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Thanks and Kudo's from a newer user


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I have had FreeBSD on a new but additional secondary drive in my workstation for ~ 4 weeks now.

I have about ~5gb of data I am moving from ext2 to UFS.

Today I have had FreeBSD working the disk I/O subsystem to death moving this data over from ext2 to ufs. In Linux, this would bring my GUI down to it's knees. No matter how I setup my sysctl.conf in Linux, it has always, since 2004, made the GUI functionally unusable under extremely heavy disk I/O.

That is not the case today. I have had this data movement going on pretty much all day...and it doesn't interfere with my GUI at all, and I can do other work easily without glitching mouse pointers and dragging keystrokes. I have also had two client VM's operating while I was doing this without any hitch whatsoever!


Then as I brought my client's VM's back on line through VirtualBox....I discovered that the VM's are much, much faster than they were on Linux.....And my sound which was previously playing way to fast and garbled (likely because of tickless kernels) was now playing normally again!

FreeBSD's operation under heavy stress clearly tells me that there is thought, engineering, and deliberate design behind FreeBSD. My decision to move has been a good one. I encourage others to do the same.

Sincerely and respectfully,