Thank for your generosity

Hi all,

I have been a member of this forum for a few years now and I trully lost count on how many time the FreeBSD forum user have saved my bacon..

Tonigth, I had the most pleasant experience when getopt took me under his wing and help me troubleshoot our production server.

A complete stranger has stay on the phone with me for short of 3 hours and got me trough what I tought was impossile.

So tonight I would like to say a big thank you to all of you people that contribute in making FreeBSD and this forum such a good place to be part off.

SirDice Oko getopt gkontos vejnovic kpa
"Good morning!"
I had a good sleep till afternoon after unusual working hours. But it was not work meant in the common sense. It was a good experience for me too, mostly about human communication, reading and understanding.

Note: If you have a good backup, you can start relaxing immediately.
And/but: It is a good idea having a tested script for restorage too.

In this night some effort was necessary to serialize/synchronize thoughts (of two brains), words (spoken and/or written), actions (command lines) and output (what the standard error tells you). This consumed most of the time.

To boil it down, the solution emerged by reading together the relevant options of a manpage loud on the phone again and again until an understanding of the text emerged on both ends of the phone line.

Human brains need rehearsals for learning and understanding. This is just normal and/but it takes time. Taking time in a stress situation is difficult but necessary if you have no tested routine that you can apply.

The bigger the stress is, the more difficult it is to maintain a working mode i.e for reading and understanding. If you are in (deep) trouble stay cool and try to maintain/reestablish a "working mode".

Hint: If there is no person you can talk to, start talking loud to yourself (loudness: just so that you can hear yourself talking). What happens when doing so is, that thoughts are not only focused but also more serialized (less parallel). It gets more easy to enter an analytic step by step mode and sorting things out. Allow yourself for repetitions.

Note: At least the output of standard error talks to you. Read it! Follow the hints there.