svnlite to svn without src.conf?

Is there a proper way to convert svnlite to svn, with a release install? Usually, if I'm building from source, I can throw src.conf
and it renames svnlite to svn. But, I dont know if there's more involved to it or not? Is there a proper way to have svn instead of svnlite, without building from source, i.e src.conf, and without just rename the files by myself?
If you want the "full" subversion client install devel/subversion. The one in the base is a "lite" version, i.e. not all functionality is implemented.
You would lose the "customized" version on the next update/upgrade if you don't set WITH_SVN=yes in src.conf(8). That's the only place that can tell the build system that you want to have svn instead of svnlite and keep it that way.