Solved svn update or mv src and svn checkout


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I've been going through the following rigamarole each time I buid world:

mv /usr/src/* /usr/src.o
mv /usr/ports/* /usr/ports.o
mv /usr/doc/* /usr/doc.o

svn checkout /usr/src
svn checkout /usr/ports
svn checkout /usr/doc

diff /usr/src /usr/src.o
diff /usr/ports /usr/ports.o
diff /usr/doc /usr/doc.o
It's interesting sometimes, but generally, it's just going through the motions. Is it common practice to just:

svn update /usr/src
And, does either method include patches (like we're currently at p7)?



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In general we would use svn checkout for getting a working copy of project files for the first time. Later on we use svn update, since the latter would leave local changes untouched. If for whatever reason, we want to dump our changes and start over again with a pristine working copy, we would use the procedure which you lined out.

The releng and head branches are updated upstream, while the release branches are not. See for example:

Last changes are related to p7.