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I'm somewhat new to FreeBSD, altho I've been in networking since the IBM PC, maybe b4. 35 years later I'm still disappointed in unix, FreeBSD too.Why is there no stable, 100% working, all-inclusive, GUI yet ? All the files can be kept right where they are, named sometimes an odd way, and all the GUI needs to do is be able to edit all of them. Windoze has been around how long ? How much money did Bill make with only a semi-working GUI ? If I were CIO at MIT or ? I would create a project designing a GUI and take all the Windoze customers because unix has potential, but it just sits idle.
Why does ftpd request DNS reverse lookups for security ? That is almost NO security at all, and stupid IMHO. I have spent 3 days trying to figure out why ftp doesn't work, and before that, ssh, due to the UseDNS you probably know about. Both dumb ideas, especially for defaults. there is no security in reverse lookups, none. All you need to do is ask during install if they want ssh remote access.
I got so frustrated with FBSD that I installed XP right over one of the 4 boxes I had FBSD on. Maybe a downgrade in the opinion of some, but guess what ? XP Pro WORKS. The kernal may not be be optimized, the processes may not be efficient, but IT WORKS.
Same deal with OpenBSD, just different problems. I gave up on it.
Same deal with ubuntu 14.x, different problems especially with that install screen that I spent way too much time trying to figure out. I gave up.
FreeBSD has lots of potential, but I doubt it will take over the industry like Windoze did. The sad part is it could.
And, IMHO, Apache ought to be included as an option during the 1-cd install.
And, I may be an idiot in this subject, but why must we be moving towards USB installs instead of mulitple CD ? Is mulitple CD too complicated ?


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Didn't you get the message when DutchDaemon locked your previous rant?
There has been many usable GUI's for the whole 5 years I have been using it.
There is both ISO and Memstick installer available. No plans to change that either.
You spiel is not really realistic.


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I'm still disappointed in unix, FreeBSD too
Maybe, Unix and FreeBSD is not designed for you ?
Each argument can be reversed.

Why would you impose to me a GUI ? I prefer the choice or none (and as I run DWM, I am pretty sure, you will dislike it).

I dislike TV show, is there an issue for the TV show business ? Am I going in all TV Show forums to explain why they don't fit my needs ?

But if you really want to learn how to do things and made progress with Unix philosophy, you have books, help here and a lot of fun.
Maybe unix is just not your cup of tea ?


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Fine. And closed again. This time you get a warning too. Keep up the nonsensical rants and you're out.
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