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A *.tx file and not the Git repository download has the error of:

The code would not post; so, I will only type the lines of error without the <code> box

Sources may be found at in sugar version 119.tx
(I am also hesitant about using <link> because of <code> not working)
line 864 from data directory of sugar-119 at
line 864: ifdef gsettings_ENUM_NAMESPACE
However, line 865 has $(gsettings__enum_file) in which two underscores exist.
Line 867 only has the value of endif.

The laptop with FreeBSD does not always have a constant connection <-- reason
as to why I am not able to copy and paste.

Also, do I need to grep an exact phrase or look for gsettings in the system or
within the source directory?
Grepping exact phrases and/ or two phrases is difficult for me.

The kernel runs at a faster rate resulting in lower latency and quicker response for

I also want to try starting an educational Desktop for small children that
is more secure by default.

Thank you.


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[code] works fine.



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The data connection to the main router is not constantly or
consistently connected at all times. The building with the computer is a minimum of
one hundred fifty feet from the router located in the main house. There is a refrigerated trailer blocking
a direct path to that router along with a metal barn on the other side. The building is sandwiched between
both objects. There also exists other metal barns.

If you do not understand what I have posted, then directly and diplomatically ask me
to explain. Please try to make an attempt not to drop hints or give clues because - even
though this is the standard for the general populace - I do not make assumptions
about another person's comprehensive abilities, experience, intelligence, wisdom,
culture or base of knowledge.

Each and every human - and all species on this planet - is different and individualistic
in their natures. My belief is to ask whenever possible unless I have observed the
person in real life and have had multiple instances of communication and
experiences with that person. I am building the system for children; therefore,
I must be able to explain the system to a six year old girl and a seven year old boy.

I have physical rapport with others who:
Have Down's Syndrome
Are on the Autism Scale
Speak Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, Yoruban, Portuguese, Italian, and other Languages.
These people have a base understanding in logical-mathematical-spacial ideas.
People who have had bad experiences and have been extremely abused.
Former Vets.
People who have been tortured.

If I make an assumption, I apologize and admit that I am wrong.

If you do not comprehend nor do you understand, then ask.

Which part of the first post do you not understand?

Tell me and I will make more than a base attempt to clariy and explain
that which I had posted.

Thank you,


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I also want to try starting an educational Desktop for small children that
is more secure by default.


Maybe it is better to build a fresh educational desktop from scratch. Just start with the FreeBSD image for the right architecture.

Make a plan what you want to install -- which Desktop Environment, which programs.

Step by step. Keep it Simple. And it will work.