Solved Struggling with automount share for users

I'm struggling to create an automounted share in user's home.

On the nfsv4-server there are
 # ll /NFS/share/
total 2
-rw-r--r--  1 root     wheel    14B 171003_2229 file1
-rw-r--r--  1 user1    wheel    14B 171003_2229 file2
-rw-r--r--  1 user2    wheel    14B 171003_2230 file3

On the client should this appear like this:


But what I could achieve so far is
/home/user1/share/share/ where share/share is not the wanted result.
where ownership of the existing /home/user1/share was changed from user1:user1 to root:wheel as an empty directory.

Using this configuration so far ;)
/home/user1/share     /etc/auto.share
/home/user2/share     /etc/auto.share
# key [-options] [mountpoint] [-options]] location [...]
share -intr,nfsv4

Do I want what cannot be done or do I miss something?
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From auto_master(5):

For indirect maps, the final mount point is determined by concatenating the auto_master mountpoint with the map entry key and optional map entry mountpoint.​

So /home/user1/share + share = /home/user1/share/share

I think you can get what you want with "direct maps" in /etc/auto_master:

/- auto.share

and /etc/auto.share:

/home/user1/share -intr,nfsv4
/home/user2/share -intr,nfsv4

Again: I think, as I've never used it quite like that — just going from the man page.

(Make sure you can manually mount the share in its expected location, first, to debug any other issues before trying to get automount to take care of it.)