status of linuxlator64 on head

hi, how do I know the status of the project ?

I found the head page for 7-current days, not the 8-current.


are there any patches (or anyone I can talk to) to test this before is commited ?

as 7.1 is expected to be born in the first half of january, there is plenty of time to play with it till there :)


as I can see, you're the main person behind it :) (yes, I didn't know till I saw it there)

I don't know what is IFC :)

I have a current amd64 machine, I'll try to run it.

what would you like best, report here or mail ?

my goal is to have a desktop running folding at home (the smp version). but I may test more than this to help.

I think it will be better if I prepare patches itself...
And tell please for what to you it is necessary x86_64 linuxulator?
what to do with ports? we don't have 64bit ports now