Static linking error building BVLC/Caffe on FreeBSD

Attempting to build BVLC/Caffe computer vision machine learning framework (

  • Installed all the dependencies including GCC 4.9.4
  • Created Makefile.config
  • Modified the Makefile by substituting FreeBSD for Linux in "Configure build" section (lines #242+), revised (#257) - CXX ?= /usr/local/bin/g++
$ gmake
Makefile:314: *** Cannot static link with the c++ compiler.  Stop.
Has anyone gotten Caffe built in FreeBSD? What steps are needed to successfully build?
PeterSprague: Why not use ports or packages for graphics/caffe? They are already patched for FreeBSD.

If, for some reason you really need to compile it yourself, use the port as a guideline as to the modifications required to build under FreeBSD.

pkg and ports has been used, they both can install caffe, but when run caffe,get an error about libprotobuf.
[libprotobuf error google/protobuf/] file already exists in dadabase: caffe.proto
google tell me that, both opencv and caffeuse libprotobuf with caffe.proto,i should compile caffe with static libprotobuf.a,i have changed the ports comfig,but failed caffe
Try addressing this with the port maintainer. I see it was updated only 2 weeks ago. Automated testing ensures it compiles, but a runtime failure is sure to fall through the cracks.