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When you install new FreeBSD 7.2 can you include KDE or Gnome during install and start right into it, or you need to manuall configure things after installation and start X from terminal with command like startx (I remember this from version 4.4 of FreeBSD :)



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There is a section in sysinstall (the FreeBSD installer) that allows you to select Packages to install off the CD(s). You can select KDE or GNOME or whatever DE/WM you want from there, and have it installed.

However, you will still need to manually configure X after booting into the OS the first time.

Personally, I prefer to just install the bare minimum OS using sysinstall, and boot into the OS. Then use the tools that come with the OS (pkg_add, ports tree) to install software.


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Have a look at the Handbook, namely at This section covers installation of the X server, configuring it and installing desktop environment.

When you are installing FreeBSD you have to select want you want to install. The install media allows you to select and install KDE and Gnome, however like phoenix said you'll have to configure X.


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I haven't configured X for ages.
it always seems to work straight off with modern hardware.

You don't need to startx.
I autostart X with /etc/ttys
ttyv8 "/usr/local/bin/xdm -nodaemon" xterm on secure
then, you use ~/.xinitrc to start what you need.

personally I hate Gnome with a vengeance, and find Kde too big also.
I use sawfish window manager and Rox-filer and I can really get it done.
my CPU ain't burning up drawing poncey windows and transparent terminals.