Other Starting out - Recommendations for creating simple GUI widget to mod conf files


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I want to create a simple GUI application to select and set a background image for x11/slim. Maybe eventually modify the config file a bit for more customization, but mainly setting the background image. I've gotten familiar with shell scripting and am fairly sure I could write up a decent shell script for this, but I'd like to learn a bit on building GUI widgets. What tools/languages should I look into for doing this? I primarily use XFCE as my desktop environment, but I'd like this to be simple enough to work with any desktop environment/window manager.

My experience in programming is limited to shell scripting and DOS .bat files, so I don't have to worry about anything that might be more familiar to me, but at the same time I would probably need to start on something that could accomplish the task without too much complexity.

Any recommendations on where to start would be greatly appreciated!