C/C++ Standalone GUI debuggers for FreeBSD?


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Recently I evaluated which standalone debuggers with GUI frontends are available for FreeBSD in the ports tree.

  • kdbg: Very fine debugger. Works very well most times. :)
  • ddd: Package is broken :( Dialogs do not show. Looks like an empty shell this way :(
  • Eclipse Standalone Debugger: According to DrDobbs it seems one of the best debuggers for data inspection. (Not yet tried, but looks promising, will have to install :) )
  • py27-gdbgui: Does not load the source for some reason. Not in the mood to RTFM, so ditched for now. :oops:
  • Emacs GUD: If you like Emacs... o_O
  • gdb -tui: Does not support mouse :(
  • lldb(): Not yet tried out. (Thanks to obsigna for hinting at that!)
Missing in FreeBSD: (or I didn't find the package to install)
  • Nemiver: the Gnome debugger
  • Code::Blocks
Which other standalone debuggers are available in FreeBSD's ports tree that are missing in this list ?

IDE integrated debuggers that seem to be not standalone:
qtcreator: Apparently needs to make project in IDE? This is no standalone debugging...
netbeans: Run command is unintuititive: "netbeans-8.2". And the same like as withqtcreator seems to apply...

Interesting pages containing short presentations of GUI debuggers:
https://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/GDB Front Ends