Solved stable/11 still tagged PRERELEASE?

Currently at r307004 (svnweb link):

$ cat sys/conf/|grep BRANCH

Shouldn't it be changed to STABLE by now, seeing how it got quite a few updates since releng/11.0 was branched?
It takes a while until it's renamed and the attention of the releng team has been on 11.0-RELEASE so it's quite understandable that stable/11 has been neglected. There's no real harm done though because the BRANCH is only an internal name that isn't used anywhere else but in the construction of the string you see in uname(1) output.
kpa, yes, I know, I just slightly dislike not having everything “in order”. Was wondering if there were some changes unique to the RELEASE branch that I did not notice which would warrant not changing the uname tag.
I'm with you in that I will do a buildworld/kernel specifically to change the tag to -STABLE! But if you care that much you can override it I think by putting BRANCH_OVERRIDE=STABLE in /etc/make.conf.