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Solved SSH to Beaglebone black access denied


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I ssh to my Beaglebone Black (FreeBSD 10.1) as root and with a blank password, but it shows "using keyboard-interactive authentication" and access is denied. I use PuTTY and the "Attempt Keyboard-Interactive Auth" check box is enabled.

I just download the 10.1 image build for Beaglebone and write it to my microSD card. I don't know the default root password (it might be better to write it on the FreeBSD Beaglebone Black wiki). I think it is blank so I press Enter directly.

Maybe the problem is that PermitRootLogin is set to no. But I don't have a user account other than root. This is my first time logging into freebsd FreeBSD on Beaglebone Black.

What is the problem? Should I log in via the serial port with the root account? Then create another account and use this account to ssh into my Beaglebone Black? Or is the password not blank?



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Use the serial console to log in.