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Space in Samba sharename



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I'm having a problem trying to mount a samba sharename which has an embedded space...

I can mount it from the command line by using quotes, ie

mount_smbfs -I 'user@//SAMBASERVER/share name/' /mnt

but I'm trying to mount the share at boot time by adding an entry to /etc/fstab and using quotes does not work.

Any suggestions?



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I've not used samba since years but IIRC there were some changes making it more "difficult" (or more specialized) to mount without password.

The Arch Linux WIKI should have something about that.


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IMO it's easier to setup your password in /etc/nsmb.conf instead of fighting with samba for passwordless access.
Here what I have (to access my BlackBerry phone, but that doesn't matter):
addr=<IP address or host name>

//MYUSERNAME@BB-SM/REMOVABLE_SDCARD    /mnt/bb   smbfs   rw,noauto   0 0
AFAICR the capitalization is important, maybe I'm wrong, but don't want to touch something which perfectly works for years.