Sound related options when building KDE5 from ports


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Along the way of building kde5 from ports, I noticed a number of port options related to sound. Most prominently pulseaudio, alsa, sndio and jack. I was wondering if any of those are actually required to have a desktop with working sound, and which is preferred over the others? What happens if I select none? No sound at all? Build fails?

I still haven't washed down that bad taste pulseaudio left back in the day when gnome2 was state of the art. Back then I decided to go without it and I'd rather leave it at that. Alsa is a linux thing which I'd also like to avoid if possible and reasonable. Not much I could say about sndio or jack.

Also I understand that there are (at least) two different backends for phonon: gstreamer or vlc. Which one is preferred and for what reasons?

I hope somebody can shed some light onto this matter.


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Not sure this will be of help as I have not used KDE5 on FreeBSD. I build from ports and exclusively choose sndio (which is from OpenBSD) as my sound option. I specifically uncheck pulseaudio for the reasons you have, and alsa as well. The only sound related apps I run, or apps that are capable of interfacing with sound, are chromium, firefox, cmus and mpv. Everything works perfectly.

Hope that is of at least some help.