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Solved [Solved] Qjail add loopback IP


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I've created a loopback IP lo0 of and want to assign it to a qjail created jail. The jail also has a routable IP on em0 to reach the Internet, but I don't want to do that. But when I use qjail create -n em0 testjail, of course it adds to em0 and also to lo0. It doesn't allow a -n em0 <ip> -n lo0 <ip> and gives a syntax error.


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Re: Qjail add loopback IP

I don't know how qjail assigns the IP adresses. But why don't you assign those IP addresses to the correct interfaces before creating the jail?


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Late answer, but Google brought me here when I ran into the same problem. With an existing jail, you can use this command:
qjail config -4 ",lo0|" my_jail_name